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About Us

Performance Logic was founded in 2001 and draws on their over 10 years experience within the industry, with the main objective to provide organisations with the services and technologies to develop their greatest assets, the employees. We are Human Capital Development Practitioners due to the related spectrum of services that we offer.

We are a solution led company, with customised solutions integrating:

We are dedicated to assisting organisations to reach their full potential. We are the solution that offers the hassle free added value that allows our clients to concentrate on the core of their business.

Performance Logic draws on the extensive experience and knowledge of developing productivity and unlocking the potential in human capital. This experience and knowledge base stems from a sundry management services environment. We are based in Gauteng and the Free State Regions of South Africa, with a view of growing to a national organisation.

Why use us?

We pride ourselves on been different and the renaissance in the arena of Human Capital Development Practitioners. Our difference is in our holistic approach to our development projects and we have only one field of expertise: People connecting with people. Our service offerings work hand in hand with each individual project.

We are committed to a culture of change and we facilitate the changes within organisations with an enthusiastic attitude and a very high work ethic. We are the market leaders as Development Practitioners.

What differentiates Performance Logic from other human capital companies is that we do not just provide a solution and service for our clients, we learn about the company and we become an integral part our client. Therefore no matter what the project, we work on the highest form of standards and quality, ensuring that we always go the extra mile.

Having experience in the field of performance improvement, we have learned how to adapt our techniques and strategies to suit the needs of all companies, no matter what the size or budget.

Performance Logic is a female-owned and managed organization serving a variety of clients and markets.

We love the work we do, that is why we lead in the market place.

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